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We work closely with industry leading local game suppliers, who have access to some of the country leading game estates. From the finest Yorkshire grouse moors to the wet lands of the trough of bowland, almost all of our small game, which includes, wild Mallard, hare, wood pigeon and wild rabbits has been raised without interference or feeding.

Collection from the estates is an important aspect of in the supply chain to compliment the estates investments in modern refrigerated game larders and the skills of the estates game keeper and stalkers in their hygienic handling of the wild meat.

With the wild red deer being the most popular and most flavorsome venison, our supply comes from some of the country’s top game estates from the North East tip of Scotland, in and around the borders of Southern Scotland, the Cumbrian fells and the lowland estates of southern Lakeland.

Seasonality is important in the game industry with strict laws in place to control the game season. Please see our chart below as a guide to when game is in season and is readily available fresh and at it’s best.

There are certain times during the year – the Closed Season – in which fresh game is not available. Certain species of game in certain locations cannot be taken during this time to allow the numbers to be kept up.
However, there are so many species of deer that you will find fresh Venison is available most of the year.
Game put away fresh can also be frozen at any time, allowing game products to be sold throughout the year.

Guide to When Game is in Season
Grouse 12th August - 10th December 
Partridge  1st September - 1st February 
Pheasant 1st October - 1st February
Rabbit No Closed Season - available fresh all year round. 
Hare  1st August - 28th February 
Red Deer Stag 1st August - 30th April (England, Wales & Northern Ireland) 
1st July - 20th October (Scotland)
Red Deer Hind 1st November - 31st March (England, Wales & Northern Ireland) 
21st October - 15th February (Scotland)
Sika Deer Stag 1st August - 30th April 
Sika Deer Hind 1st November - 31st March (England, Wales & Northern Ireland) 
Pigeon No Closed Season - available fresh all year round.  


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