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Home Delivery Chutneys, Jams & Sauces

Habanero Relish 210g- £3.95

Apple, Date and Ginger Chutney 215g- £3.50

Piccalilli 180g- £3.50

Hot Lava Java Tomato & Mango Chutney 190g - £3.50

Beetroot, Orange & Ginger Relish 180g- £3.50

Surinamese Pickle 180g (piccalilli with chili, lemon grass, garlic, and ginger)- £3.50

Cumberland Pickle 195g (mixed curried vegetables with dates, sultanas, and apple) - £3.50

Sweet Tomato & Pineapple Relish 175g- £3.50

Orange Marmalade with Dates Saffron and Gold Leaf 200g (developed at the Burj al Arab in Dubai)- £5.50

Piccalilli Crisps 440g (developed at the Burj al Arab in Dubai and served at the goring hotel, London)- £6.50

Flying Monkey Carolina Reaper Sauce 145ml (made using the hottest chili in the world) - £4.95

Chipotle and Tomato Glaze 195g- £3.95

Wasabi and Mango Mayo 175g- £3.95

Strawberry Preserve 340g- £3.50

Seville Marmalade Thin Cut 340g- £3.50

Orange Marmalade with Whisky 227g- £3.95

Mint Jelly 227g- £3.25

Redcurrant Jelly 227g- £3.25

English Mustard 170g- £3.50

Coarse Grain Whisky Mustard 170g- £3.25

Paprika, Garlic and Chili Mustard 170g- £3.50

Horseradish Sauce 175g- £3.50

Mint Sauce 170g- £3.50

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