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Please see below for our full list of products available.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

Code Product Weight Range
SECU001 Chorizo Vela 1.5kg
SESE001 Salchson Extra Cular 1.5kg
SESC001 Chorizo Sarta 200g
SECS001 Sarta Picante 200g
SECR001 Chorizo Rosario 2.2kg
SECM001 Chorizo Mini Picante 2.2kg
SEMO001 Marcilla Orida Mini 2.2kg
SEJR001 Jamon Serrano Reserva Con Parta 5.5-6.5kg
SEBM001 Jamon Serrano Black Medros 2-3kg
SESC001 Chorizo Sliced 100g
SESS100 Salchion Sliced 100g
SEHA100 Serrano Ham Sliced 100g
SEHA500 Serrano Ham Sliced 500g
CMWD001 Cumbrian Air Dried Ham 200g
MISS001 Milan Salami 500g
PEPP001 Pepperoni 1kg
CMBS001 Bresola 500g


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