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Using British and approved EU suppliers.

Please see below for our full list of products available.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

Code Product Weight Range
CKWH001 Fresh Chicken 1.2-2kg
CKFR001 Chicken Fronts 1kg
CKSU001 Chicken Supreme Skin On or Off 170-284g
CKFI001 Chicken Fillet Skin On or Off 170-284g
CKLE001 Chicken Legs 280-340g
CKTH001 Chicken Thighs 160-200g
 CKDR001  Chicken Drumsticks  120-140g
 CKDT001  Chicken Thigh Meat  2.26-5kg
 CKTB001  Chicken Thigh Boneless  90-110g
 CKIF001  Chicken Inner Fillets  2.26-5kg
 CKDB001  Chicken Breast Diced  2.26-5kg
 CKDI050  Chicken50/50 Diced  2.26-5kg
 CKWI001  Chicken Wings  Requested Weight
 CKLI001  Chicken Liver  2.26-5kg
 CKFI005  Chicken Fillet  5kg
 TKWH001  Whole Turkey  9-15kg
 TKWL001  Whole Turkey Hen Bird  4-8kg
 TKCR001  Turkey Crown  7-9kg
 TBBR001  Turkey Breast Boneless  2.5kg
 TKES001  Turkey Escalopes  114-280g
 TKLE001  Turkey Leg  Requested Weight
 TKBR001  Turkey Breast Diced  2.26-5kg
 TKLE001  Turkey Leg Diced  2.26-5kg
 DKWH001  Frozen Duck  1.8-2.6kg
 GOWH001  Frozen Goose  4-6kg


French Poultry

Code Product Weight Range
DKBW005 Whole Duck 1.8-2.6kg
DKBF008 Duck Breast Female 170-220g
 DKBM010  Duck Breast Male  230-280g
 DKLE005  Duck Legs Male  280-320g
 DKLF001  Duck Legs Female  220-280g
 DKLI001  Duck Liver  1kg



Code Product Weight Range
POUS500 Whole White Poussin 400-500g
CFPO001  Whole Cornfed Poussin 400-500g


Cornfed Chicken

Code Product Weight Range
Whole Cornfed Chicken 1.4kg
CFCS001 Cornfed Supreme 170-220g


Foie Gras

Code Product Weight Range
FOGR001 Foie Gras Lobe 600-700g


Farmed Rabbit

Code Product Weight Range
RAFA001 Rabbit whole 1.5kg
 RASF001  Rabbit saddle  400g
 RALF001  Rabbit legs  200g


Guinea Fowl

Code Product Weight Range
GFWH001 Guinea Fowl whole 1.4kg
GFSU001 Guinea Fowl Supreme 170-220g
GFLE001 Guinea Fowl legs 125g


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